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Wordfast Classic 5 (OS Windows XP - MS Word 2003)

I downloaded the Free Trial Wordfast Classic 5 and the manual for eginners, which I am following. Everything was fine until I attempted to put my anguage pairs.

I set the default EN-US as my source language, but apparently, it doesn't appear any spot to set the target language, and the manual doesn't specify it. When I set it all together in the same space provided, the obvious result is EN-US for the source language and for the target one as well.

The directions I am looking at are in page 6 of the Training Manual -Beginner level.

I downloaded the Across CAT Tool before (and I still have it installed) and together with that came the Unicode for Eastern Languages. I don't think it can interfere with these settings, but I wanted to mention that just in case it could.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Isabel Conde

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