[WF_PRO] WF Anywhere experiences?
 01  Wordfast Anywhere v Shopping Parku v Ostravě

Hi All,

I’m looking into using WF Anywhere with a group, tested it a while ago, and had disapointing results – it insist on not saving the translation of 2 segments into the Translated File.

I wasn’t able to sort that "smile".

Has anyone else been having more encouraging experiences with WF Anywhere?


Jose Ruivo

PS – Is there a way to add terms to a glossary, while I’m working in WF Anywhere?

  Hi Jose,

I made a Wordfast training yesterday in Ostrava, on right side is one term in glossary: (Ctrl+Alt+T). Yesterday´s version 1.0.9


Hi Milan,

I know you can get term recognition in WF Anywhere, but my doubt is: can you ADD new terms to the glossary, while you’re working in WF Anywhere?


Jose Ruivo

I have 9 entries in glossary.

I shall add more terms...

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